Sunday Morning Worship is at 11:00am

Weekly worship forms the center of our life as a Christian community. Most Sundays we gather to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed, to join our voices together in prayer and song, and to receive the Holy Eucharist. When there are five Sundays in a month, we gather on the fifth Sunday for a Service of the Word, which does not include the Holy Eucharist.

The Holy Eucharist, also known as Holy Communion or The Lord’s Supper, is a special act of worship called a sacrament. It is a symbolic meal consisting of bread and wine, in which we believe Jesus Christ is truly present. As we eat the bread and drink the wine, we hear Christ’s promises to us proclaimed and we remember his life, sacraficial death and resurrection.

Visitors who are baptized Christians, whether baptized in the Lutheran Church or some other church, are welcome to receive communion. This includes not only baptized adults, but baptized children as well. People who cannot take gluten or alcohol may speak to the pastor or an usher prior to the service, we can frequently make a provision for grape juice or gluten-free bread if we know it is needed.

Early Christian writers were known to say that “when we sing, we pray twice.” Music is an important part of worship in the Lutheran tradition. Historically, the Lutheran Church was commonly referred to as “the singing church.” At Ascension, most of our congregational singing is accompanied on our recently restored 1961 Mohler four rank pipe organ, however several people in the congregation have musical gifts and share them. Flutes, trumpets, hand bells, pianos and guitars have all been heard in our worship services from time to time.

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